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easily one of the most followed sport in the world. Tennis has been around since early 19th century but it took some time for it to become professional. There are two tennis eras, one was called amature era and the current one is knowns as modern era. Tennis also became the first major sport to give equal prize money to both men and women game which has helped develop this sport at a good rate compared to other singles events.

There are several yearly tournaments in tennis but the main ones are four historic Grand Slams taking place every year around the same time of the year. For example Australian Open is the first one which is played in late January/early February each year. Followed by French Open (Roland Garros) which takes place in April/May. Wimbledon being one of the most prestigious sports event take place in June.July. While the last but not the least US Open starts in September.

Grand Slams Live Streams at totalsportek

Grand slam last around 14 days (2 weeks) and on this page you will find live streaming links for each of the grand slams from first day to the last day which falls on Sunday when Men's singles even final is played.

Unlike other major sports, for Tennis its hard to get live streams for each game. But we usually have live links from the centre court matches throughout the grand slam.

Which grand slams has the highest prize money ?

1). Wimbledon ($52 million is awarded in total prize money pool where winners of both mens and womens singles even can take home as much as $3 million each).

2). US Open (US open became the first grand slam to cross the total prize money pool of $50 million. However, Wimbledon has overtaken it in 2021.)

3). French Open ($45 million in total prize money make AKA Roland Garros the third highest paying grand slam.)

4). Australian Open ($42 million was distributed among players from playoffs to the finals)