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Unlike other major sports, Formula 1 is not easily accessible to general public around the world. Its an expensive sport and for drivers to get into F1 they first have to be very good and secondly extremely lucky to be born in a certain country or even a family. But that does not mean F1 is not popular around the world. In fact F1 is the biggest motorsport even in the whole world.
The history of F1 dates back to at the start of 19th century. Since then this sport has come alongway and recently FIA and F1 orgnizing body signed one of the biggest broadcasting deals in history of sports. Which will ensure F1 coverage in more then 150 territories around the world. Abu Dhabi grand prix in 2021 was the most watched Sport event of the year with Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen absolutely dominating the sport headlines through the season.

How can you watch Formula 1 grand prix in 2022 from anywhere in the world live online ?

F1 coverage at totalsportek network of sites is pretty simple and straight forward. There are around 22 grand prix's each year and they are listed in the table below. every grand prix has its own dedicated page which has live links thread. The thread is opened around 1 hour before the start of each session from Friday or Sunday. More details are listed below.

So if you are in F1 fan and want to follow to F1 sport and watch to watch free live links. This is your page. Here you will find links to all upcoming Formula 1 Grand Prix races around the world. All the race days are listed below grand prix wise according to date and time.

How It Works ?

1). Visit this page on the day of grand prix. From Friday to Sunday.

2). In the schedule table below click on the grand prix you want to watch. (there is a live stream button) next to grand prix which is taking place on the current weekend).

3). After clicking the button it will take you to the grand prix dedicated stremaing page. For example USA F1 Grand Prix page.

4). On that page you will find live streaming links which are made available on Friday before the first practice sesions.

5). Of the 100+ links available go through a few until you find the best one.

There are around 22 Grand Prix in Formula 1 season each year. Starting with Bahrain Grand Prix, several in Europe, a few in Americas and ending back in Asia countries and middle-east. F1 season usually start in March and ends in November each year.