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Unlike the other major sports which have developed quite early so to speak, Cricket is relatively new and its development has been hindered over the years because of certain format being followed at the start of 19th century. 5 day cricket match is good for people who love the sport but it is a big turnoff of causual and potentially new fans. But since T20 cricket has arrived cricket thriving around the world. We can consider it as one of the fastest growing sport in the world.

Cricket is quite popular in Indian subcontinent countries like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan etc. But it was started and developed in England and Australia. Now we have countries like South Africa, New Zealand and even some European nations having cricket teams and actually playing very well at international level.

How can you watch Cricket matches live streams at totalsportek network ?

We usually only cover big international and domestic tournaments of cricket. For example T20 World Cup will have live streams at the site but India vs Australia test series won't. Reason behind being alot less traffic for some reason But if we get good response we will make it like football coverage..

T20 World Cup 2022 will be played in November and December this year at the same time as FIFA World Cup which means we might not be able to coverage it. But if you want it here just follow our twitter and tweet us a message we will see what we can do about it..

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Live Streams

1). On this page you will find link to a dedicated ICC T20 World cup page.

2). Once you at that page, you will find all the T20 World cup matches coming up.

3). Click on the match you want to see and you will have yourself live links for that game.

Indian Premier League and other T20 domestic leagues might be covered here but i would not hold my breath for it. But 50 Over World Cup will always be covered just like Football's world cup..